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Facts about Bitcoin

Some of the 16.7 million mined Bitcoins are inaccessible for various reasons, forgotten passwords, accidental losses, death of owners, etc. It is impossible to understand just how long lost Bitcoins are, as they are still in the system, on idle addresses. According to the University of San Diego and George Mason in December 2013, 64% of the 12 million Bitcoins that were harvested at that time were never used. It is also claimed that almost 1 million unused Bitcoins belong to the mysterious creator of the crypto-wave.

In the top 1000, the largest portfolio has a total of 5,638,155 Bitcoins - more than a third of all Bitcoins in circulation, with a total value of more than $ 87 billion ($ 16,000)s and the Crippet Lights the Future? These questions will continue to argue with analysts, and here we will offer basic facts about the Bitcoin and digital dimensions of the world's most popular cryptocurrency.


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